Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Do you ever look at those messages at the bottom of receipts? Some times you're receipt is a mile long because of all the messages. This evening we went to Arby's for our free Chicken Club. After we got home I happened to look at the message at the bottom of the receipt. By taking 5 minutes to complete their online survey I can now get a Regular Roast Beef or Beef N Cheddar for FREE. I'll be paying more attention to those messages now.

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  1. Hi Lorie. Please bear wiith my brokoen laptopo. It types what it wants. I can backspace somoewhat but I haave twoo kids :) I read Crystals post and I can relate to obeeing burnt out. My problem isn't just that i'm burnt out so much as I don't have ANY help with my childrne (20 months & 3 months!) so it's us 3 all day everey day. Here iis what I do: I shop at 2-3 stores a week. I print uoot a mastere grocery list frooom my blogo ( and take it too the stooree with me. I go to publix first then Kroger, theen harris teeteer but i do it oono different days bc ootherwise my childreen MEELT DOWN. My stoockpile is too the point that I could quit shopping for months and just g to oget my WIC (Milk, cheeesee, eggs etc) and we would bee fine. but when i'm in publix & krogere ifi I happen to find stuff from my harris teeter list on there i mark the item ofof. Somoe weeeks I can avoid going too HT altogether (it's 20 miles away so I try to avoiod going but soometimes I just can't pass it up!)

    I ONLY go to othr stoores if somoeonoe posts a gooodo matchup ono a blog that I read. Now this week I have spototed FREE STARBUCKS ice creaaem at HT soO im going no omatter what! (man this keybaord sucks!)

    I hope this helps. i ama beheind ono clipping & filing soo I have too owrap this up. thanks for taking the time too listen and i hpoe this helpeeed.